Tattooed Gay pornstar Jordan Levine shows off cock

Jordan Levine is a gay pornstar originally from New York, NY, the city that never sleeps. Upon entering porn in 2012, he was working with pornstar god Randy Blue. Oddly enough, this guy has no qualms about doing bareback scenes. Especially confident in his body, his hot muscles and sexy tattoos look terrific. Jordan considers himself “gay for pay," meaning that he’s actually straight. How does he have sex with guys then? Well, he loves sex and doesn’t care who with, so he’s probably bisexual, but who knows. Only he knows exactly what’s going on inside of his head, so you’ll have to ask him about that if you ever get the chance to meet him. Some fans online claim that he once said he’s more bisexual—not totally straight but not gay either—and that he doesn’t like to use labels, but for the official record according to him, he’s a straight dude in a gay-for-pay world.